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Bisotun Petrochemical Company is located at km 8 of Kermanshah- Bisotun road and is one of the major producers of linear alkyl benzene (L.A.B) and heavy alkyl (H.A.B) in Iran and the region. The company with the production of 55,000 tons of LAB per year in order to meet the needs of domestic downstream industries for the production of detergents and health products and also by exporting these products has played an important role in economic growth in Iran and the region and is known as a leading exporter in Iran. Is. At present, with the benefit of a young and specialized workforce, the use of updated technical knowledge, optimization of the production process, it produces and supplies various by-products (industrial solvents, etc.) and is known to a manufacturer. Has become an effective linear alkyl benzene and industrial solvents. In order to maintain and increase its market share in regional and global markets, the company seeks to expand the export of its products to other parts of the world.


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